Sunny Weather

I call my son my sunny weather or baby sunshine he always repeats sunshine :) He makes me very giddy. He so adorable. Anyway blogging about pictures today. Yesterday was so beautiful we went out and got some good shots. None without drool running down his face ha ha. I had to upgrade my flickr account because I wanted to use their cool stuff to edit my photos. I'm currently waiting on my photoshop CS3 to arrive, even though most times I still love using Flickr or Picasa. I also did some self portraits. I see photographers all the time with their avatar like this so I wanted to see what I could do. Its an interesting perspective. I had fun editing them though. I just with I had that photoshop for some things.

Last night my keep me awake dilemma was my husband snoring :(

Yesterday my son was getting into something he wasn't supposed to and I told him no don't do that. Then he preceded to do it again I said "Landon what did mommy say" he says "roooar". Lol. He does that because we ask him what all the animals say snake, bear, lion, etc. I just didn't expect him so say that's what mommy says. He a hoot. He says funny things already. He's going to be one of those kids that say hilarious things all the time.

PS Over the weekend, Please remember our soldiers. Its why we have this holiday. So just keep that in mind at the BBQ's.


  1. Stopping in from SITS...awesome photos!! I love the self-portraits..

  2. Came here from SITS.. and oh how i love discovering another fellow SITSta living in Germany:)
    I'm not an army girl, but I'm dealing with stupid German issues every day! So there you go, we have smth in common;)
    Oh and your son looks so darn cute..and in the first pic he has that devilish look that's saying 'he's baking something:))'! Way to go with those pictures!

    Happy Thursday!
    (fellow SITS girl here)