I ♥ Faces...Completely Candid

If I keep entering every week I just may win in the the next ten years right? Ha ha. I love doing this because taking pictures is purely a hobby for me which keeps it fun. And of course my favorite subject is the little monster himself...My son Landon. This week is 'Completely Candid' at I ♥ Faces. Let me tell you I have at least 15,000 pictures the last time I looked which was several months ago so finding this one off the top of my head of course makes it a favorite of mine. We were outside blowing bubbles and he was chasing them, simple as that. And he was one happy little boy, like usual. Its actually a little hard to pick a candid with toddlers because they will never pose for a camera :)

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A season for Babys

It must be baby season. Everyone I know is pregnant or having their next little bundle of love. Not us though we decided to put that off for awhile till I get a degree in nursing or at least start...which I'm doing very soon. Just basics. I've had to many 'requests' for baby blankets right now from my family that knows people who are having baby's. Oh my! That's ok baby blankets are my favorite, so cute and little. Little being very good so it doesn't take a long time ;) I have a very cute tutorial for baby blocks and a tagged blanket too by Moda Bake Shop. I'm going to do a few sets of those for some friends too.

I also made a dress. Not the prettiest fabric I'll say that now, but the pattern was nice until I messed it up ha ha. Its the Socialite Dress by Anna Maria. Sew Mama Sew did a pattern review that was very very helpful to me. It didn't turn out too bad though. I just have to go back and add waste ties so that its not so big looking on me. The neckline on mine is up much higher than it should be. I'm not entirely sure why. Just know that when you're sewing the yoke you need to be accurate, that's where I messed up.

Our weather is rapidly approaching fall. Its still warm during the days but pretty chilly at night and all the leaves are starting to turn. I might take the little man outside for some pictures today. Cant believe my boy will be two in December. Time flys...


Gone so long

Who stays inside and blogs during summer? Not me apparently. I love doing this but I wish I had more time. I debated not keeping it up but I guess I'll keep trying. I need one constant in my life. Who knows soon I might just have things to blog about. Like depoyment :( We got word that my husband will more than likely deploy next summer sometime. It keeps running through my head and makes me more than sad trying to figure out how I'll explain this to a 2 year old. By that time Landon will be 2 1/2. I guess I'll hurdle that jump when I come to it. I havent been up to too much though still doing some quilting mostly hand stuff I can take outside and to the tv :) Enjoying the sunshine while it lasts which fells like not much longer. I'm super excited for fall though. My favorite time of year. All the colors and the decorating. I think landon will be buzz lightyear this year for halloween. I'm still trying to talk my husband into being woody ha ha. I'm hooked on a new show too. I've already watched seasons one and two of Mad Men. I'm hooked. I cant wait for all the new seasons of my favs to start this month. Even though I just have to download them on my slower than slow internet connection. Ok I'm done boring you. I'll leave you with a few pics. Shout out to my BFF Sara whom I know reads this :)