Oh god here it is...

Twilight. Enjoyed the movie immensely. I'm not one of those overly obsessed teenage girls who thinks Edward Cullen is the 'hottest' guy alive because in real life he's not attractive. I find him more attractive when he's all pale and weird. I was not waiting in a line over night to purchase this new movie. Hubby and i were just cruising our PX and I seen it and thought well lets watch this and see what all the drama is about. I knew nothing of it before I bought the movie, I just read all the stuff you see everywhere on the Internet. Anyway I loved the movie I did. I cant understand why it causes so much controversy because its just a movie. You either like it or you don't. Who cares? Apparently all the teenagers of the world who want to debate Twilight and Harry Potter. Jeez. I did find out that the producer originally wanted Henry Cavill to play his part. Oh how I wish that would have happened. Then I'd be one of those obsessed girls. Anyway I'm going to order the books now because I want to see what happens next and the next movie doesn't come out till Nov. 09. I think this is a love story worth falling in love with. Its an amazing tale of forbidden love which is always the best kind. I'd give this movie a 9 just because nothing deserves a ten, I loved it.


Promoting Picasa

I just wanted to say I love Google Picasa. I have photoshop but with this program I can do simple things in a few seconds and they make my pictures look great. This is one I did with the program in about 1 minute. And its FREE what more could you ask for? Love it.
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German Playground

Landon and I had our first run-in with the german kids at the park. And the german moms. It was super nice yesterday so everyone went to the park. I though oh no they are going to talk to me! And they did and I had to nicely reply "I dont speak german sorry". They always give me a look after that :( Sometimes I really long for another american to live near us. I dont have a car while my husband is at work so we can go where the americans are. Germans dont want to be friends with people they cant talk to. Not that I blame them. But Landon was very shy. A little girl a little younger than him I think came up and wanted to play with him. The boys he wanted nothing to do with. Only the little girl lol. Go figure. Silly boy. Some pictures...


Just Updating

I havent posted a new blog in awhile. I've been concentrating on my family for the most part. Less screen time is better for the mind :) I'm going to start posting more pics though because I'm starting a photography 'class' thing that I'm doing online. Its such a nice day I think landon and I will go out and take some pictures! I'm loving my new Nikon D90. Other than that just getting the house more organized. Spring cleaning if you will. Thanks for reading :)