Pictures and Giveaways

I just finished editing some pics. I recently realized my son, bless him, has been sleeping all through the night for several nights. He's 17 months old so imagine my excitement. He hasn't always woken up but since he was about 11 months old he has, yes its been a joy. Anyway with all that sleeping throughout the night I'm up at 1 am photo editing, and entering blog giveaways. These pictures really show how genuinely happy my son is, awesome moments...

As for the giveaway, its not my giveaway but there's about a billion at Sew mama, Sew! go enter them all!!!

Another awesome giveaway...A Vintage style hat box, its adorable by the way. Find it here.


  1. Awesome pictures! Stopping by from SITS. I have a small Nikon Cool Pix...oh how I dream to have your camera :) My BF uses a Canon and I bought him a bunch of lenses for Christmas. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Great pics passed by from SITS I love photography but can't master it....maybe one day :)

  3. Hello, from the states! You're son is adorable... I would love to go to Germany sometime, my Grandma is German, from the black forest/ prussia area. I enjoyed reading your blog...