Mission Appealing Toddler Food

Day 1

So far so good. He had apple cinnamon oatmeal for breakfast and some honey nut cheerios. For lunch he had apples with peanut butter which he scraped the peanut butter off and at the apples. I have no problems with him eating fruit or veggies its just everything else. He also had mac and cheese which he loves most of the time with chicken and broccoli mixed in. At the noodles and broccoli, no chicken. Not a big meat eater. For dinner we're having Chicken Parmisiana and veggies. Hopefully something will go down :) I'm going for making his favorite foods into healthier foods just my adding more things. He is the pickiest eater. Some days he loves one thing and the next he wont touch it. So thats all on the toddler front. Messy, picky, fit throwing toddlers who refuse to eat or nap. Oh what am I going to do.

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  1. sounds about par for the course! Same thing here as far as picky. Liking something one minute and not the next. The only thing we have different is Nicholas will ONLY eat protein. Cheese, sausage, chicken, pork, ground meat! No solid fruit and veg. Those still have to go down as puree.