Recent projects.

Some recent stuff I started working on is Grandmothers flower garden which is hand pieced using a method called English paper piecing. I told my husband I was making it for our future daughter providing we ever have one so I have quite some time...considering I'm not even pregnant haha. And the next is called New York Beauty which could go together better in my opinion but it isn't. It paper pieced and has curves! Aren't I adventurous. I have like my quilting list of things I'd like to try and those are two of them. I'm going to the states in a few weeks and I'm going to take my hand piecing stuff so I can work on it. Its very portable. It fits in a small Tupperware container. You can find the paper piecing tutorial I used here, you can print out the hexagons pin them to your fabric and off you go. You can find the New York Beauty pattern here. Happy Quilting.

My son is a talker more than ever. He'll be 17 months in a few days. He talks and talks all day long problem is he's not speaking English. He just rattles on about god knows what, its pretty hilarious though. His favorite thing to say is HUH? All day, I hate it. Not a very intelligent word but he must have learned it somewhere haha. And he called his daddy Tyler. He yells at the top of his lungs TYLER!! I tell him no that's daddy. Wonder where he learned that :D Anyway not much else just thought I'd post an update.

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