I'd like to dedicate this post to all of our serving men and women. And those that cant be with us anymore. This is a picture of my husband while he was serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom 07-08.

I praise god that he came back to us but others were not so fortunate. I'd like for everyone to just take a moment to give those men and women a thought. I've heard countless times recently that our soldiers do not feel like fighting a war is what it used to be, where when they came home everyone was grateful and people actually showed it. It disheartens me. These boys give up so much to fight for a country they don't feel supports them. So I ask you, if you come across a soldier, airman, marine or any of our enlisted, just acknowledge them. You don't even have to say anything, if you look them in the eyes and smile, they will know. And of course remember those who couldn't come back from war. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Fantastic post.

    My husband is in the Air Force and I always tell him how thankful I am for his service.

  2. I'm proud of men and women like your husband who risks their own lives for the freedom of others. I was in Kuwait when the war broke out in Iraq, it wasn't a pleasant memory but I'm glad to have survived it. Happy Memorial day!

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