Actual Sewing

I guess beings my blog is 'supposed' to be about sewing and quilting I better do a post on that subject :D I've been researching hair accessories because this is my newest interest. I found a super cute reversible one here, super easy and very cute. Little girls and adults. Here's my two I made today

Next up is an adorable blog I found in the process of looking for hair stuff. I cant get over how cute her stuff is. She is from Australia. You can find her blog here, she has tutorials on some of her stuff and several places sell her patterns. The pillow is def. on my to do list. Its just too cute.


  1. Those hair bands are supper cute :)
    Love that pillow design I am going to pop over and take a look at her blog next!!
    popped over from SITS to say HI :)

  2. Well darling, first let me thank you for stoppng by. It is always a pleasure to have a fellow SITSta give a little comment love.

    Second, I can not even begin to tell you how much I think you are so talented! I have never sewn a stitch in all of my life, but for Mother's Day I asked for a sewing machine. Apparently, we are still lookin gfor the right one,

    So many years from now I may join you in the ranks of thread pushers, but until then...kudos to you!

  3. Well hello there Yours Truly. Thank you for the visit.

    Although we do share a love for tattoos, I can't say the same for quilting.

    I love a good quilt, it's the ing I can't do. I've never been good with a needle and thread let alone a huge machine, needle and thread.

    Those hair thingys are cute too.

  4. ugh. this thing just deleted my whole huge comment. 1. thanks for stopping by my blog. 2. i'm crafty too, not sewing, but i'd like to get into that. 3. i'm also a photography freak. 4. i'll be back, my dear!