Completely Out of the Loop

I have come to realize I am out of the loop that is the world. I was reading another Lady's site and she was talking about saving and how in the year ___ that all the money would be gone. WHAT? I have no idea whats going on! I had no idea what she was talking about. When people talk about math, LOST completely. My spelling has gone totally down hill, I make sure to spell check everything and then I still get things wrong. I blame it on living here in Germany where I have ten channels on TV. I do not watch the news or really anything for that matter. I spend my life in my kitchen and sewing room. Ask me about quilting, hair, makeup etc and I can tell you about anything you need to know. Ask me about world problems or situations and I have nothing intelligent to lend to the conversation. And even if I hear something my brain does not soak anything up. I don't get it. I want to be smart too :( And I'm not. I can accept that. Perhaps the reason I have not attended college accept partial beauty school, that I was unable to complete due to...getting married and moving out of country. Well I guess maybe with some books and magazines I could know whats going on in the world. Nope too busy reading the twilight series. I would ace a quiz on that ;) That's me though, completely air headed.

My son is getting big :) He's about 34 inches tall and 29 or 30 pounds I would guess.

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  1. He is such a cutie!!! And getting soooo big! Nicholas still hasn't hit 20 lbs yet!!