I ♥ Faces...Feet Week

It's I ♥ Faces...Feet Week. So normally its focus is on a face but this week is a little special. Focusing on...feet of course. I do not usually like feet, especially my own. But when I got a new camera and my son was still fairly young, I'd say around 9 months, we had to test the new camera and that means taking pictures of absolutely everything. This is one of my favorite photos and I have it framed on my wall, even though it has my very own feet in it. But baby's feet make it a cute pic :) I'll probably never win the spotlight on I ♥ Faces but it gives me good ideas of which of my pictures I should post on my blog. It makes me dig into my millions of photos and find the good ones. Without further ado...our feet.

If you're interested in taking part in I ♥ Faces contests just click that link and head on over. You can post entries Mondays and Tuesday...so you still have time! Its just something fun to do.


Toddler Free to good home

He's 19 months old, brown fur, blue eyes, cute as ever just very messy :) He's not house broken (aka potty trained), he's a picky eater, good with kids but not animals. He loves to help unload the dishwasher or sweep and mop the floors but chances are you're cleaning up after him anyway. He poops approximately 4 times a day, you'd be lucky if he eats a full meal but he will drink juice till he cant drink anymore, providing you let him. He requires 24 hour round the clock attention and I'm not exaggerating. He still wakes up at night and wants to sleep in Mommy's bed. Which I gladly let him do so I can get some sleep. He's not done teething yet. He loves to read, watch baby Einstein but cant do either one for more than 15 minutes. He loves going for long walks and playing in the yard. So big yard is necessary. Theres not too much more I can say about this little bundle of hellion (I mean joy). Nobody told me raising toddlers was sooo much fun!! PS you can have the dog too :)
This is for comedic purposes only, my son drives me crazy but I love him way too much to give him away :)


Yes I did do that.

I posted a tutorial that I found a few weeks back for an applique pillow...well I did do that. Surprisingly I finished something, not that it was anything big approximately 21" square but that's beside the point :) I've been dragging lately with my quilting and it felt good to finish something regardless of how big. Now if I could just finish my hubby's and move on. You can find the tutorial here and she has so many other patterns that are too adorable not to do so I encourage you to check out her blog and buy some patterns. They really are just adorable. So here is my finished 'pillow' that I actually just did as a wall hanging, for now. I might turn it into a pillow later. For now its just a pretty quilt on my wall.



Some pictures from our trip to the beach while we were visiting Washington. Landon absolutely loved it. He wouldn't stay out of the water. The weather was not perfect but it was warm anyway. Much like the weather is here today. I just wish some sun would come out. Instead its 85 and cloudy which always means muggy. Of course. The husband and I are trying to clean out unneeded things out of our house. There is lots of it. If you ever feel like your house is cluttered or messy watch the show 'Clean House' I believe its on TLC. Great for making you feel better about yourself lol. Have a good 4th of July weekend everyone.