Little Runner

Yesterday our squadron had a mile run. Well if the soldier brought his family he only had to run one mile if not he had to run ten. Needless to say, I was there with my soldier. So I had to get up 6 am to go run a mile. Number one I haven't been up at 6 am since I don't know when number two I don't run. EVER! I've been know to do a little Pilate's or yoga here and there but run...not in my blood. However, it wasn't half as bad as I expected it to be. I ran/walked a mile in 12 minutes. In high school I walked one in about 19 so that's pretty good :D Oh and my little runner is all dressed up in his Adidas jogging suit even though he was in a stroller. Haha. He's cute though.

On another note...I'm going back to the US of A to visit my grandmother, leaving Tuesday. I'll be back the 20th. I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done but I'm hoping to get lots of quilting done. And shopping of course. Going back to America is like a big shopping spree for me, being stuck over here in Germany where I can only order things online is tough. Especially when it comes to fabric. Its awful. Just take my word for it. Until we meet again, have a wonderful June.


  1. I'm very excited to see you are about to go on a trip back the to the States. When I lived overseas it was always so exciting to get packages from home filled with things you couldn't get where I was living. My mom would always sent me Twizzlers! And why the Gap doesn't ship to New Zealand is beyond me!! I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  2. I am so not a runner either! Can't stand it, but I'd do it for my hubby, too. I just love the picture of your son; he's precious!!!

    Thank YOU for stopping by my blog. Our sleep problems are going pretty smoothly. Moose got worn out today on my in-laws' farm so he's zonked, but even last night wasn't too bad. He woke up at 1:44am but was only awake for maybe 5 minutes.

    You said you've been having sleep problems for months; you poor, poor dear! I know it's so hard to let them cry, but we started out the first time we did this with just letting him cry for 5 minutes then rocking him and another 5 minutes. It's easier to start out small for us mommies.

  3. Hey just found u on SITS and I love the blog! Your photos are so pretty!! Have a safe trip and have fun shopping!!