A few little things...

So since I've been back in Germany I've done a few small things, nothing grand. I'm going to be working on several baby things for my BFF who lives in Washington. We really reconnected on my trip back home which was awesome. We just click its great. She's having a few complications with her pregnancy so extra thoughts and prayers would be spectacular. I'm so super worried about her and that little girl. Its so wonderful she's having a girl though because I really want one too so I can do all this little cutesy stuff but beings we aren't exactly ready for that I get to do all of for Sara. Yay :) Anyway my projects

These are magnets I did. The top ones are fabric covered buttons that I covered myself with scraps of fabric and fabric covering button kits you can buy at Joann's or any craft store I'm sure. Then just glue a magnet on the back. These certainly aren't new I've seen them just about everywhere. So cute though. Then glass marble magnets you put a picture behind them, I've been cutting mine out of a Hancocks fabric catalog, you can find a tutorial here. I've been using rubber cement and super glue which is turning out good so far.

This is a round robin I'm participating in. I did the last round starting with the black borders. Then all the way out to the pink with the friendship stars. I think (personally) it turned out awesome. I kept sing TNT dynamite to my husband lol. We're doing four rounds so it gets passed around to four people then you add a row at the given dimensions. Fun fun. If you're a quilter I encourage you to take part in one sometime. It really expands your creativity.

So this is what I get for updating my blog all in one shot. Too long of a post. I'll save the rest for later. Thanks for reading.


Headed back to Germany soon

So I know I haven't posted *at all* but Saturday I'll be headed back home (thank god) to Germany. I know hubby misses us like no other and we really miss him and home. Landon is finally sleeping normally and now we're leaving in two days. Uh. Go figure. So I will get back to my crafting/sewing life and I'll be happy :) Visiting is nice and all but when you move out on your own, that's your home and you miss it when you're away. And boy do I miss is. Landon had tons of fun at Nana's house though so that's good. We went to the beach for the very first time. He absolutely adored it I've never seen him like this. Just so happy. He's learning 3-4 new words a day and he can do things I ask him to. Growing kids are amazing. I'm definitely posting photos once I get home.