Getting things squared away...

My husband and I have decided to start trying for baby number two. I want to wait till April or May because the Chinese calender says these are my best months for conceiving a girl (I know that sounds a little foolish but 90% of women say this works so why not). Along with changing your diet and so on couldn't hurt to try anyway. But before all of this I want to try to get things squared away in the life we have going right now. Nothing drastic just going through junk in the house, spring cleaning, spending more time together with us and Landon. In order to do all this I need to stay away from the beckoning laptop. Most of my life is spent on here on various networking website, blogging of course, photoshop etc so I made a sort of vow to cut back on the screen time. Except blogging, gotta keep the fam updates you know.

With spring and summer coming I will be taking tons of pictures with my new Nikon D90. My very generous husband bought me one and three different lenses so I'll have tons of fun with that. How exciting!! I also need to get two quilts quilted and I'm starting a queen size for myself so I will try to get all of these done within the next two months because two of them are birthday gifts that I need to have done by April. We get to take leave in June so I need to have all of my stuff in order by then. We'll hopefully be flying home to Washington so that we can spend some time with my Nana who is sick with Leukemia. My mom might meet us down there too (flying down from Alaska). I hope. Anyway I will be updating my blog though so no worries :D
Wish us luck on a baby girl this time!!

That's all for now,
Sincerely Yours Truly


It puts the Die in Dynamic....

My latest quilt. uh. umm not what I hoped it would be. I really thought with the colors and the fabric, the bright colors, something dynamic would come out of it. I was comletely wrong. I do not like this quilt very much at all. I planned to give it to my neighbor who has been an awesome friend to us over the past three years we've lived in Germany. I might not do that now. bah ha.

I also finished place mats yesterday. Perfect binding on one or two. Its great that the first thing you try you screw up and you learn so that the rest are perfect but you still have that screwed up one. Oh well.

We had a busy day yesterday. Cleaning, quilting, baking, cooking, playing. Landon Talks more and more all the time. We were playing with the camera yesterday and I kept saying 'say cheese' sure enough he started saying cheeeeeeese everytime I did. He tries to say apple too he just says app. I started calling him my pb. The peanut butter to my jelly :D He's my bud. I told my husband sometimes I feel more like the baby sitter because he gets away with everything. How can I dicipline something so cute :D So he wanted cookies and I wouldnt give them to him so he just carried around the package with the most aweful disgusted look on his face whining and crying. It was veerrry dramatic. As you can see>>>

So of course I caved and gave him the cookie.

I am soooo ready for spring and it just keeps dumpin snow. Poor hubby has to shovel the driveway everyday. Landon cant go outside and play, the sun wont come out. I'll even take the cleaning that comes with spring if it would just get here.


Toilet paper castles

My son loves to build with the toilet paper rolls. He's too funny. We messed around with some settings on the Canon. We're currently having trouble getting Landon to take naps :( Sad. No time for mommy. I'm going to try out a new hair dye today hopefully I get good results. I'm always messing with my hair and then regretting it shortly thereafter. Blonde is such a hard color to achieve. Its snowing again. I just keeps coming down. I guess that could be a good thing because I just planted bulbs lol. I know I'm a little late. We'll see if they bloom before the end of summer.

I've finished all the quilt tops I can for now. I need my fabric to come so I can put borders on these two and quilt them before April. My friend is having a baby so I want to do a grandmothers flower garden for her. I'll have to do it by hand but it'll give me something to do when I don't want to machine quilt. Oh and I want my new machine to come. I'm really hoping I made a good decision with that one. I have to trust the pictures :O We'll see.


My Photos

This is alaska Mt Rainier

Pike Place of course


My son Landon and I

A little about my photos. A lot of these were taken in what I call home. Washington state. I started taking pictures when I was just out of high school. Its one of my passions. And now I have a new subject, my son. The best one yet. I usually do photos in the spring and summer and occasionally fall. Summer is my best time, its full of life. I also love photo editing in Adobe photo shop CS3 extended. Its a very complex program that can do so many things. I shoot with a Nikon d40 currently I'm hoping soon to upgrade to the d90. I love this camera. Anyway I hope you enjoy them.