Apron Tutorial

Apron Tutorial

I think I have all my steps in order here and I hope this is easy enough for most of you. It was super easy for me. This is a barista style apron its short, hits me mid thigh but I don't like the long ones that stretch past my knees. Its reversable. I have brown on my opposite side. Materials you're going to need are
  • two coordinating fabrics (shown below) approx 22" square. I have a long torso so you may want to make yours longer or even shorter. Just measure how long you want it on yourself with a soft measuring tape.
  • two approx 6" square pieces of fabric for pockets
  • 2 approx 5" x 44" wide strips for waist ties
  • 1 4" strip for neck strap
  • I used a rotary cutter but its not necessary.
  • Some double sided fusible two appox. 6" square pieces
  • sewing machine
  • coordinating thread

My coordinating fabric

For this step you will need to measure across your chest, how much you want the bib part to cover in my case I needed about 11 inches across and 7 inches down. So you have your fabric layed out folded in half. From the fold you're going to measure half of your chest size number. I needed 11" so I measured 5 1/2 inches in. And marked there with a pen (i used a washable pen, it doesn't really matter as long as it doesn't bleed through) And then I marked 7" down from the upper right hand corner.
You're going to draw a half circle shape to connect these two places. There could be an easier more accurate way but this worked perfect for me. You may be able to use a bowl I just drew mine free hand.

After you draw that line you're going to cut it out, so that you have this shape, make sure you're not cutting your fold. I had my fold facing toward me. Then I layed my back fabric under it and cut out the shape again.

So now I have two exact pieces. They should be shaped like an apron ;)

Next I'm going to cut my pockets. I cut mine about 6x6" and I did two you might be able to fit three on there.

Now with my pockets cut out I'm going to iron all sides under just very little. Maybe 1/8 of an inch.

Now measure across the back, this is where your backing fabric is going to go so you have lined pockets. You're going to need to cut backing fabric so that it doesn't show on the other side and a sheet of double sided fusible to fuse the two together, making sure that all your turned under edges are fused under that backing fabric.

Now you're going to pin your pockets on making sure they are far enough away from the edges, You can put them wherever you like just make sure they are 1/2 inch away from any edge. You're going to pin them on the right side of the fabric.

You can also pin pockets on the other piece of fabric because its reversible. If you'd like to do any embroidery like names or anything you should do that on this step.

Now you're going to sew the pocket on the two sides and bottom, don't sew the top ;) It wouldn't be a pocket then. You wanna sew just 1/4 inch in or even less if you can. Make sure you back stitch so the pockets don't come off.

Now I'm going to take my two straps which are 5" wide and about 44" long (width of fabric) I want to sew them wrong sides together on the cut sides. Not the fold. sew all the way down making sure to back stitch because when you turn them inside out they will unravel if not back stitched. And you'll need to sew up one end, I just turned mine a little under and sewed it up.So here it is turned inside out and pressed. I made two for my side straps and a brown one for my neck strap. The neck strap you will have to decide how long you need it. Pin it on your apron and then adjust it to fit. Neck strap

So now we have to pin our straps on. Neck strap is pinned so that it lays on top of the apron. I didn't think to get a close up of this so I hope you figure it out lol. You want it facing opposite of how it should go. and the side straps are going to be pined the same way on the inside so that everything will be inside when you sew it up. In this picture I just showed where to pin then not how so pin them opposite of the picture shows. If you're confused on this step let me know I'll take more pictures. You just don't want anything hanging outside.

Pin neck strap about 1/2 inch away from the sides and side straps 1/2 inch from that top corner.

This is where its all pinned together notice there is nothing hanging outside everything is inside. You're going to pin these right sides together. Sew all the way around leaving an opening big enough to turn this right side out.

Here's the hold to turn it right side out about 4 or 5 inches. Then just sew that up and you should have the apron all straps hanging right. My straps will wrap all the way around or just tie in the back. And you're done. Hopefully that turned out right and nothing confused you. I've never done a tutorial before so tell me how I did and lets see those aprons!

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