Baby Pinwheels

I feel like its been a lifetime since I've completed a quilt probably because it has! I needed a break around Christmas time and started back up again in February I think. Well my daughter is due is three weeks and I wanted to make a quilt for her to play on the floor. It went by super fast and it felt so good to complete something. I've been sewing other things like baby clothes and curtains for her nursery so its not like I havent been sewing at all ;) Just not too many quilts. I used a tutorial from Moda Bake Shop and just make a lot less blocks and added some prairie points, which actually was not as bad as it might seem when you begin them. You're sitting there thinking, " how many more of these do I have to make" and it seems daunting but not bad :)

So i just now figured out my spell check is in german for some reason, that's why it hasnt been working. Grrr. some of my websites come up in German and while it is in english for some reason its spell checking in German. Grr...again. I'll try and fix that ;)


The Daily Grind

What's that you may ask? Well we don't really have one in this house, a daily routine that is. We do and we dont. Landon does have his routines and I kind of just work around those, well that isnt really working for us (i.e. mostly me) anymore. I never really thought about how much being a housewife and mommy entails and so I never had any routines like cleaning daily or the usual stuff. Recently I was reading a post in a forum about having a daily home journal type thing. Well sounds kind of silly to me but I researched and looked into it and its not really that silly after all. You have things like grocery lists, daily meal planning, daily cleaning task, weekly etc and its basically a guide to get your stuff done. Let me tell you...I NEED this! I'm not a person of habit and I do things as I feel like not as I should, so instead of doing laundry tuesday and thursdays I do it whenever I feel like...creating a bigger load of laundry in the end.

Basically I've come to realize if you do these things daily or weekly on certain days you're going to have more time and more engergy then if you save it all till you feel like doing it. Good thinking huh ;) With baby number 2 on the way, I myself need a little structure. I knew kids did, but I never thought that having a mommy routine was necessary. Hopefully if I get in this habbit now I wont sway when little Audrina makes her debut, which I'm getting more and more nervous and excited about :) I'm nervous to have two kids and excited to have a girl and its so much to take in right now thinking that its only 60 days away!

Summer has finally landed in Germany! We've had nothing under 75 the last two weeks. I know everyone complains about Germans not having air conditioners but it doesnt seem to bother me, except at night. With this nice weather came my husbands urge to get a fishing licesence. Yippy! Not...in germany you have to take a three day class and pay more money than I'd like to but he did it and now he'd like to fish everyday. His jobs and tasks are falling by the wayside. I'm gonna have to nag a little to get him moving on Audrinas shelves and our coffee table. Yes our coffee table he promised he could build me and then it got set aside.....not surprising. Anyway I've bored you long enough, I didnt mean to go so long between posts. I have been sewing a little but its hard with all this sunshine. Enjoy your summer with all the camping, swimming and possibly even fishing ;)

PS my spell check doesnt seem to be working so any spelling errors feel free to ignore ha ha


Oh yeah...

I need to update my blog!! I sit here and think about it everyday and have so much to post that I tell myself I'll do it later...like everything else. Oh my. My son now goes to daycare two days a week which is great for getting things done, except I'm always doing things I dont want to do while he's gone. Not things I want to do like sew or something. I have been getting some sewing done though...and I'm in love with making baby girl clothes. God has given me a blessing in more than one way :) I'm horrible at adult clothes, but baby girl clothes, I ROCK! Ha ha. Other than all the sewing we (uh my husband) painted the nursery finally! I know I have 2 1/2 months but I just wanted it done so I have somewhere to put all her stuff! Its a little messy-ish but it'll get there eventually :) Pink and blue with Owls...still waiting on my pottery barn sheets to make curtains...ha ha.

Her bedding is all done, I couldn't be more proud :) Her name owl picture came from FarmHouseFive, I want the clock to match and they have 15 and 20% off right now! Check them out for sure, there stuff is soooo cute.

Her little dress turned out way cuter than I could have imagined. I used the Bella Baby dress pattern from etsy. And of course had to make baby shoes and diaper cover to match :) Both were tutorials found on the internet and it was all super simple.

I'm just now starting to realize my life is going to become very hectic soon :) I cant tell you why that hasnt sunk in yet but it hasnt ha ha. Jeez, I have no time to blog now just imgagine when I have two little ones, Ahhh!!! I have so much planned to sew I probably wont get all of it done. I'd love to make her more outfits, some binky clips, so much stuff. I'm constantly running to the craft store, even though they dont carry half of what I need and Joann's takes a month or more to ship to me. Its hard getting anything sewn over here! I guess I'll be quiet now and just update again when I have time, I have another appointment tomorrow and Germans think we need fetal monitering for 3o minutes starting at 25 weeks. Its a little aggrivating.



So Pickles & Bacon is doing a quilt along and I'm super excited I actually caught the beginning of it, I always seem to join in the middle. I'm still working on the wonky log cabin ha ha, I think that was last year :] Oohps. So anyhoo you can find that quilt a long here, its a ☆ star sampler ☆ and it sounds Fun.

I *think* I will be using the Swanky (by moda) layer cake...♥ it...and not sure what for a solid, whatever my quilt shop has because I have to order the layer cake as it is! Grr... I don't like living in Germany sometimes. SOOO come join us, just click that link and she'll tell you all about it...or click on the *red star* on the side bar ;)


100 days

The official countdown to my due date is 100 days. Its going by so fast, I dont think its quite sunk in yet that I have baby number two on the way. Its hard for me to imagine any baby other than Landon, he's been my one and only for two and a half years now and I love him to pieces. I hope he'll forgive me for having a baby sister ;) So I have three short months to continue to prepare. It seems strange but I'm not stressed at all. This pregnancy has been so easy going, I've felt so good the whole time. Completely opposite of Landon. Hopefully sometime this week we're going to clean out the baby's room and paint. My husband isnt in a hurry but I'd kind of like her to have a room so we can put all her stuff somewhere. I'll leave you with some pictures of my stuff and my little man...getting so big :(



For the last few days we've been cleaning, painting and reorganizing in preparation for the new baby. It's rough!! We have our bedroom painted, today the living room and then the nursery. Of course I'm not painting but I get to clean up in the process which is enough. Things like cleaning under the couch (ew) and clearing out space in the cupboards for bottles and things. My floors need hand scrubbed too.

I did finish the babys quilt yesterday before my Dr appointment though so I could throw it in the washer before I left. It turned out perfect, exactly what I wanted. Simple and cute, I'll have to post a pic tomorrow because my computer is unplugged, hence why I'm blogging from my iPod, ignore any spelling errors. Sometimes it fixes them sometimes it doesn't. I need that ipad already!!

Well it's back to cleaning and decluttering for me, nesting is hitting me big time this pregnancy. But it makes me feel so much better. A room doesn't get clean like it would if you empty the whole thing out, as in for painting :)

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Baby Owls

So my son and I were talking yesterday (he's 2) about decorating the baby's room. I told him we were decorating in owls. He says "That will scare the baby". Lol. He thinks this because for some odd unknown reason he's scared of owls. I'm not sure if he seen something on a cartoon or what happened but he doesn't like owls. He once told me one was hiding behind my bed. He's too funny though. So his baby sisters room will probably be scary to him ha ha. But it shouldn't considering its pink and blue owls with lots of cuteness. I'm so excited to decorate her room. I've been ordering everything I need so that when my husband hands over the office I can get to work. Which should be next month, but we did pick up a crib yesterday and her changing table in now painted white. I'm still working on her bedding but that's going very quickly, I should have pictures up very soon.

Here's an example of where I'm going with this owl thing beings some people are probably thinking I'm crazy right now. Both Pottery Barn and Target make and older girls bedding with owls on it but nothing for babies, I've searched high and low so finally I decided to find all the accessories and just make everything else myself. Luckily lots of people make accessories for this particular bedding, including this name sign, which I've already ordered. So cute! This is by Farmhousefive, they make lots of adorable room decor. They also have an etsy shop. Anyway that's all for now I guess, my husband and neighbor are painting babies room tomorrow so maybe after its pink my husband will move out. Ha ha. I can hope.


Life gets in the way

This is what happens when life gets in the way, you never have time to blog :) I'm sure I had time I was just lazy. Much has happened in my life including which I probably already posted this but we finally got pregnant! Well beings many months have passed we also found our we're having a baby girl! I'm due September 2nd and we've even already picked out a name. She will be Audrina Lynn. Don't tell anyone but I got that name from The Hills, yes the reality tv show. We love it though, and Lynn is my mom's middle name. So there it is, we have a few more months to go and of course I've been sewing. I took a break from sewing for awhile but now I just have to do it. There's too many cute baby girl things out there that need sewn.

Its my lucky week I guess, all week they've had cartoons about having babies ha ha. Blue's clues, Dora and another one I don't recall the name of but my son is watching them so maybe he'll get used to the idea of this baby after all. He talks about his baby sister often though and he loves helping so I'm looking forward to seeing how he does with her.

We also got approved for a brand new car! I'm super excited about this because right now we're driving a Jetta which is fine but not really as big as we need so our new 2010 Ford Escape will be here next week! We were going to move till recently we decided our apartment is big enough till be finally move back to the states, which could be soon because my husband has injured knees now and might need an MOS change, for those of you who aren't army that is change of job description really. Right now he's infantry (lots of running and physical stuff) and he needs something not so physical.

So that is my quick (or not so quick) update, I need to relieve some of my frustrations so blogging is going to be my go to 'journal' so that I can get it all out! Here's a picture of something I recently sew(ed) ha ha. A dress for baby Audrina from here. Really easy and super cute. Everyone have a wonderful weekend, ours is actually starting today so Yay!


Bad blogger

I'm a super bad blogger :) I've been busy. Ha ha aren't I always? No really we flew back to the states for Christmas to my husbands moms house so we havent been here for awhile. I was super busy all of December with husbands and son's birthdays and what not. Then I considered not returning to the blogging world then though that's a crazy idea cause I love it so much. Anyhoo I have nine months of nothing to do but cook our baby!! Woo hoo I'm finally pregnant. We're super happy and excited. Even though my husband will be deploying again this summer and wont be here :( That's OK we've done this before we can do it again. Anyway lots of prayers that all this goes well. My first appt. is Feb 9th. I hate it when they make it so far away. I'm only 7 weeks though so I guess I'm not in a hurry. Soo like I said 9 months of nothing but sewing and hanging out with my little guy. So beings I have nothing to do during this time I will still blog also because I love blogging...when I get the time ;) Right now I was about to go start quilting one of those charity quilts so I'll excuse myself to do that..I hope every one's holidays were wonderful and here's to an awesome year of 2010!!