Pool Party

We had so much fun outside yesterday. We woke up, hurried to get ready so we could run downstairs and play. I had to find a bubble recipe first though and something to use for a wand. Who knew, dish soap, corn syrup and water makes bubbles. So we spent all day outside, except for lunch we had to come back upstairs. It was truly so relaxing and wonderful though. We rarely have Daddy home to do things like that. I'm so glad though because I got some great shots. No silhouette shots for next weeks I ♥ Faces challenge :( I just cant seem to get a good one. So far today its looking beautiful too. So I'm sure we'll be outside most of the day. In a way this nice weather is bad because I CAN NOT sew inside when its so nice outside. I take my hand sewing outside but I have so much backed up I need to get done. And I leave for the states in 9 days. Anyway here's my best shots from yesterday, this is out of 500 photos. Enjoy. I hope everyone is having as nice weather as us here in Germany.

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