For the last few days we've been cleaning, painting and reorganizing in preparation for the new baby. It's rough!! We have our bedroom painted, today the living room and then the nursery. Of course I'm not painting but I get to clean up in the process which is enough. Things like cleaning under the couch (ew) and clearing out space in the cupboards for bottles and things. My floors need hand scrubbed too.

I did finish the babys quilt yesterday before my Dr appointment though so I could throw it in the washer before I left. It turned out perfect, exactly what I wanted. Simple and cute, I'll have to post a pic tomorrow because my computer is unplugged, hence why I'm blogging from my iPod, ignore any spelling errors. Sometimes it fixes them sometimes it doesn't. I need that ipad already!!

Well it's back to cleaning and decluttering for me, nesting is hitting me big time this pregnancy. But it makes me feel so much better. A room doesn't get clean like it would if you empty the whole thing out, as in for painting :)

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