The Daily Grind

What's that you may ask? Well we don't really have one in this house, a daily routine that is. We do and we dont. Landon does have his routines and I kind of just work around those, well that isnt really working for us (i.e. mostly me) anymore. I never really thought about how much being a housewife and mommy entails and so I never had any routines like cleaning daily or the usual stuff. Recently I was reading a post in a forum about having a daily home journal type thing. Well sounds kind of silly to me but I researched and looked into it and its not really that silly after all. You have things like grocery lists, daily meal planning, daily cleaning task, weekly etc and its basically a guide to get your stuff done. Let me tell you...I NEED this! I'm not a person of habit and I do things as I feel like not as I should, so instead of doing laundry tuesday and thursdays I do it whenever I feel like...creating a bigger load of laundry in the end.

Basically I've come to realize if you do these things daily or weekly on certain days you're going to have more time and more engergy then if you save it all till you feel like doing it. Good thinking huh ;) With baby number 2 on the way, I myself need a little structure. I knew kids did, but I never thought that having a mommy routine was necessary. Hopefully if I get in this habbit now I wont sway when little Audrina makes her debut, which I'm getting more and more nervous and excited about :) I'm nervous to have two kids and excited to have a girl and its so much to take in right now thinking that its only 60 days away!

Summer has finally landed in Germany! We've had nothing under 75 the last two weeks. I know everyone complains about Germans not having air conditioners but it doesnt seem to bother me, except at night. With this nice weather came my husbands urge to get a fishing licesence. Yippy! Not...in germany you have to take a three day class and pay more money than I'd like to but he did it and now he'd like to fish everyday. His jobs and tasks are falling by the wayside. I'm gonna have to nag a little to get him moving on Audrinas shelves and our coffee table. Yes our coffee table he promised he could build me and then it got set aside.....not surprising. Anyway I've bored you long enough, I didnt mean to go so long between posts. I have been sewing a little but its hard with all this sunshine. Enjoy your summer with all the camping, swimming and possibly even fishing ;)

PS my spell check doesnt seem to be working so any spelling errors feel free to ignore ha ha

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  1. I kind of keep a home journal, although it's mostly just a weekly to-do list on my Iphone. Every Wednesday I wash bedding, Thursdays I clean out the fridge (you might not think you should do this every week, but believe me, it helps!), and Fridays are for bathroom cleaning. I also put monthly chores on there so I don't forget, like cat's flea medicine or flipping mattresses. It helps to keep my brain organized and also I know what I'm doing the next day, and also when the last time I washed the sheets or cleaned the fridge. Everyone needs a routine!