Baby Pinwheels

I feel like its been a lifetime since I've completed a quilt probably because it has! I needed a break around Christmas time and started back up again in February I think. Well my daughter is due is three weeks and I wanted to make a quilt for her to play on the floor. It went by super fast and it felt so good to complete something. I've been sewing other things like baby clothes and curtains for her nursery so its not like I havent been sewing at all ;) Just not too many quilts. I used a tutorial from Moda Bake Shop and just make a lot less blocks and added some prairie points, which actually was not as bad as it might seem when you begin them. You're sitting there thinking, " how many more of these do I have to make" and it seems daunting but not bad :)

So i just now figured out my spell check is in german for some reason, that's why it hasnt been working. Grrr. some of my websites come up in German and while it is in english for some reason its spell checking in German. Grr...again. I'll try and fix that ;)

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