100 days

The official countdown to my due date is 100 days. Its going by so fast, I dont think its quite sunk in yet that I have baby number two on the way. Its hard for me to imagine any baby other than Landon, he's been my one and only for two and a half years now and I love him to pieces. I hope he'll forgive me for having a baby sister ;) So I have three short months to continue to prepare. It seems strange but I'm not stressed at all. This pregnancy has been so easy going, I've felt so good the whole time. Completely opposite of Landon. Hopefully sometime this week we're going to clean out the baby's room and paint. My husband isnt in a hurry but I'd kind of like her to have a room so we can put all her stuff somewhere. I'll leave you with some pictures of my stuff and my little man...getting so big :(

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