Bad blogger

I'm a super bad blogger :) I've been busy. Ha ha aren't I always? No really we flew back to the states for Christmas to my husbands moms house so we havent been here for awhile. I was super busy all of December with husbands and son's birthdays and what not. Then I considered not returning to the blogging world then though that's a crazy idea cause I love it so much. Anyhoo I have nine months of nothing to do but cook our baby!! Woo hoo I'm finally pregnant. We're super happy and excited. Even though my husband will be deploying again this summer and wont be here :( That's OK we've done this before we can do it again. Anyway lots of prayers that all this goes well. My first appt. is Feb 9th. I hate it when they make it so far away. I'm only 7 weeks though so I guess I'm not in a hurry. Soo like I said 9 months of nothing but sewing and hanging out with my little guy. So beings I have nothing to do during this time I will still blog also because I love blogging...when I get the time ;) Right now I was about to go start quilting one of those charity quilts so I'll excuse myself to do that..I hope every one's holidays were wonderful and here's to an awesome year of 2010!!

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  1. I know what you mean. Start out like a gangbuster than turn into a snail. I have not been bloggin either and makes it even more difficult when you have such a loveable hobby like quilting.