Life gets in the way

This is what happens when life gets in the way, you never have time to blog :) I'm sure I had time I was just lazy. Much has happened in my life including which I probably already posted this but we finally got pregnant! Well beings many months have passed we also found our we're having a baby girl! I'm due September 2nd and we've even already picked out a name. She will be Audrina Lynn. Don't tell anyone but I got that name from The Hills, yes the reality tv show. We love it though, and Lynn is my mom's middle name. So there it is, we have a few more months to go and of course I've been sewing. I took a break from sewing for awhile but now I just have to do it. There's too many cute baby girl things out there that need sewn.

Its my lucky week I guess, all week they've had cartoons about having babies ha ha. Blue's clues, Dora and another one I don't recall the name of but my son is watching them so maybe he'll get used to the idea of this baby after all. He talks about his baby sister often though and he loves helping so I'm looking forward to seeing how he does with her.

We also got approved for a brand new car! I'm super excited about this because right now we're driving a Jetta which is fine but not really as big as we need so our new 2010 Ford Escape will be here next week! We were going to move till recently we decided our apartment is big enough till be finally move back to the states, which could be soon because my husband has injured knees now and might need an MOS change, for those of you who aren't army that is change of job description really. Right now he's infantry (lots of running and physical stuff) and he needs something not so physical.

So that is my quick (or not so quick) update, I need to relieve some of my frustrations so blogging is going to be my go to 'journal' so that I can get it all out! Here's a picture of something I recently sew(ed) ha ha. A dress for baby Audrina from here. Really easy and super cute. Everyone have a wonderful weekend, ours is actually starting today so Yay!

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