Baby Owls

So my son and I were talking yesterday (he's 2) about decorating the baby's room. I told him we were decorating in owls. He says "That will scare the baby". Lol. He thinks this because for some odd unknown reason he's scared of owls. I'm not sure if he seen something on a cartoon or what happened but he doesn't like owls. He once told me one was hiding behind my bed. He's too funny though. So his baby sisters room will probably be scary to him ha ha. But it shouldn't considering its pink and blue owls with lots of cuteness. I'm so excited to decorate her room. I've been ordering everything I need so that when my husband hands over the office I can get to work. Which should be next month, but we did pick up a crib yesterday and her changing table in now painted white. I'm still working on her bedding but that's going very quickly, I should have pictures up very soon.

Here's an example of where I'm going with this owl thing beings some people are probably thinking I'm crazy right now. Both Pottery Barn and Target make and older girls bedding with owls on it but nothing for babies, I've searched high and low so finally I decided to find all the accessories and just make everything else myself. Luckily lots of people make accessories for this particular bedding, including this name sign, which I've already ordered. So cute! This is by Farmhousefive, they make lots of adorable room decor. They also have an etsy shop. Anyway that's all for now I guess, my husband and neighbor are painting babies room tomorrow so maybe after its pink my husband will move out. Ha ha. I can hope.

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