Oh yeah...

I need to update my blog!! I sit here and think about it everyday and have so much to post that I tell myself I'll do it later...like everything else. Oh my. My son now goes to daycare two days a week which is great for getting things done, except I'm always doing things I dont want to do while he's gone. Not things I want to do like sew or something. I have been getting some sewing done though...and I'm in love with making baby girl clothes. God has given me a blessing in more than one way :) I'm horrible at adult clothes, but baby girl clothes, I ROCK! Ha ha. Other than all the sewing we (uh my husband) painted the nursery finally! I know I have 2 1/2 months but I just wanted it done so I have somewhere to put all her stuff! Its a little messy-ish but it'll get there eventually :) Pink and blue with Owls...still waiting on my pottery barn sheets to make curtains...ha ha.

Her bedding is all done, I couldn't be more proud :) Her name owl picture came from FarmHouseFive, I want the clock to match and they have 15 and 20% off right now! Check them out for sure, there stuff is soooo cute.

Her little dress turned out way cuter than I could have imagined. I used the Bella Baby dress pattern from etsy. And of course had to make baby shoes and diaper cover to match :) Both were tutorials found on the internet and it was all super simple.

I'm just now starting to realize my life is going to become very hectic soon :) I cant tell you why that hasnt sunk in yet but it hasnt ha ha. Jeez, I have no time to blog now just imgagine when I have two little ones, Ahhh!!! I have so much planned to sew I probably wont get all of it done. I'd love to make her more outfits, some binky clips, so much stuff. I'm constantly running to the craft store, even though they dont carry half of what I need and Joann's takes a month or more to ship to me. Its hard getting anything sewn over here! I guess I'll be quiet now and just update again when I have time, I have another appointment tomorrow and Germans think we need fetal monitering for 3o minutes starting at 25 weeks. Its a little aggrivating.


  1. Having a baby in a German hospital is quite an adventure. I had my last in Landstuhl and the nurses were all nuns. My roommate was a really young, new mother and she was scared to death of the nuns. It was a wonderful experience though. Good luck :)

  2. That is so darn cute, she's going to be the best-dressed little girl in Germany!