I ♥ Faces...Feet Week

It's I ♥ Faces...Feet Week. So normally its focus is on a face but this week is a little special. Focusing on...feet of course. I do not usually like feet, especially my own. But when I got a new camera and my son was still fairly young, I'd say around 9 months, we had to test the new camera and that means taking pictures of absolutely everything. This is one of my favorite photos and I have it framed on my wall, even though it has my very own feet in it. But baby's feet make it a cute pic :) I'll probably never win the spotlight on I ♥ Faces but it gives me good ideas of which of my pictures I should post on my blog. It makes me dig into my millions of photos and find the good ones. Without further ado...our feet.

If you're interested in taking part in I ♥ Faces contests just click that link and head on over. You can post entries Mondays and Tuesday...so you still have time! Its just something fun to do.

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