Gone so long

Who stays inside and blogs during summer? Not me apparently. I love doing this but I wish I had more time. I debated not keeping it up but I guess I'll keep trying. I need one constant in my life. Who knows soon I might just have things to blog about. Like depoyment :( We got word that my husband will more than likely deploy next summer sometime. It keeps running through my head and makes me more than sad trying to figure out how I'll explain this to a 2 year old. By that time Landon will be 2 1/2. I guess I'll hurdle that jump when I come to it. I havent been up to too much though still doing some quilting mostly hand stuff I can take outside and to the tv :) Enjoying the sunshine while it lasts which fells like not much longer. I'm super excited for fall though. My favorite time of year. All the colors and the decorating. I think landon will be buzz lightyear this year for halloween. I'm still trying to talk my husband into being woody ha ha. I'm hooked on a new show too. I've already watched seasons one and two of Mad Men. I'm hooked. I cant wait for all the new seasons of my favs to start this month. Even though I just have to download them on my slower than slow internet connection. Ok I'm done boring you. I'll leave you with a few pics. Shout out to my BFF Sara whom I know reads this :)

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