Toddler Free to good home

He's 19 months old, brown fur, blue eyes, cute as ever just very messy :) He's not house broken (aka potty trained), he's a picky eater, good with kids but not animals. He loves to help unload the dishwasher or sweep and mop the floors but chances are you're cleaning up after him anyway. He poops approximately 4 times a day, you'd be lucky if he eats a full meal but he will drink juice till he cant drink anymore, providing you let him. He requires 24 hour round the clock attention and I'm not exaggerating. He still wakes up at night and wants to sleep in Mommy's bed. Which I gladly let him do so I can get some sleep. He's not done teething yet. He loves to read, watch baby Einstein but cant do either one for more than 15 minutes. He loves going for long walks and playing in the yard. So big yard is necessary. Theres not too much more I can say about this little bundle of hellion (I mean joy). Nobody told me raising toddlers was sooo much fun!! PS you can have the dog too :)
This is for comedic purposes only, my son drives me crazy but I love him way too much to give him away :)


  1. I'LL TAKE HIM!!! Loving family willing to open their heart to another little one...our 6 have grown and have flown the coup...we haven't been alone for 30 years! We are bound to be super bored and a toddler would liven things up some! Will return said toddler when he is ready for college tuition. We have a farm...over 100 acres for him to explore and tucker him out. We provide building materials for fun camps; a pond in the backyard for swimming; and animals to look after (good work ethics taught and learned guarrenteed). Library located close as well as parks. Picnics every summer. When can we expect him?????
    PS. It gets easier as you have more. THey entertain one another and you have more time for cleaning and read-aloud book reading....don't despair!

  2. He is too cute! I totally get where your coming from, I feel like posting something like this least once a day. What an adorable little guy!

    P.S. Does he come with a warranty? LOL

    Have a great SITS day!

  3. No warranty, You cant return him for any reason!! Lol.