Toilet paper castles

My son loves to build with the toilet paper rolls. He's too funny. We messed around with some settings on the Canon. We're currently having trouble getting Landon to take naps :( Sad. No time for mommy. I'm going to try out a new hair dye today hopefully I get good results. I'm always messing with my hair and then regretting it shortly thereafter. Blonde is such a hard color to achieve. Its snowing again. I just keeps coming down. I guess that could be a good thing because I just planted bulbs lol. I know I'm a little late. We'll see if they bloom before the end of summer.

I've finished all the quilt tops I can for now. I need my fabric to come so I can put borders on these two and quilt them before April. My friend is having a baby so I want to do a grandmothers flower garden for her. I'll have to do it by hand but it'll give me something to do when I don't want to machine quilt. Oh and I want my new machine to come. I'm really hoping I made a good decision with that one. I have to trust the pictures :O We'll see.

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