It puts the Die in Dynamic....

My latest quilt. uh. umm not what I hoped it would be. I really thought with the colors and the fabric, the bright colors, something dynamic would come out of it. I was comletely wrong. I do not like this quilt very much at all. I planned to give it to my neighbor who has been an awesome friend to us over the past three years we've lived in Germany. I might not do that now. bah ha.

I also finished place mats yesterday. Perfect binding on one or two. Its great that the first thing you try you screw up and you learn so that the rest are perfect but you still have that screwed up one. Oh well.

We had a busy day yesterday. Cleaning, quilting, baking, cooking, playing. Landon Talks more and more all the time. We were playing with the camera yesterday and I kept saying 'say cheese' sure enough he started saying cheeeeeeese everytime I did. He tries to say apple too he just says app. I started calling him my pb. The peanut butter to my jelly :D He's my bud. I told my husband sometimes I feel more like the baby sitter because he gets away with everything. How can I dicipline something so cute :D So he wanted cookies and I wouldnt give them to him so he just carried around the package with the most aweful disgusted look on his face whining and crying. It was veerrry dramatic. As you can see>>>

So of course I caved and gave him the cookie.

I am soooo ready for spring and it just keeps dumpin snow. Poor hubby has to shovel the driveway everyday. Landon cant go outside and play, the sun wont come out. I'll even take the cleaning that comes with spring if it would just get here.

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  1. Yeah...it's too hard to disipline when they give you the big, cute eyes :-)