Operation Redecorate

I've been so busy since my husband is gone for 17 whole days!! I go crazy, so I'm going crazy redecorating. Or trying while chasing around my little monster. I started with my sewing room, then moving on to my sons room which will be vintage airplanes! He ♥ 's airplanes. Then the living room will get an update moving from gold and maroon so blue and white. But I have black couches so hopefully it'll all work. I want a zebra print chair for in there also. Moving on...I bought totally cute new fabric I'm making a rail fence with...my birthday is next week so I'm going shopping on good ol german economy. They have the most wonderful decor stores the stuff is so cheap. ♥ Love it ♥ So here are some pics to go with my spew. Is that how you spell that? Lol.



Recovered my chair

Sewing machine cover

Adorable new fabric

I'm not done with my crafty space but its going. I'm just using fabrics I have laying around so it might not all match :) And I'm using up stash so I can buy more :D One of my husbands rules...of course. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I made a quilt for my son using those robot fabrics. Love them!