German Playground

Landon and I had our first run-in with the german kids at the park. And the german moms. It was super nice yesterday so everyone went to the park. I though oh no they are going to talk to me! And they did and I had to nicely reply "I dont speak german sorry". They always give me a look after that :( Sometimes I really long for another american to live near us. I dont have a car while my husband is at work so we can go where the americans are. Germans dont want to be friends with people they cant talk to. Not that I blame them. But Landon was very shy. A little girl a little younger than him I think came up and wanted to play with him. The boys he wanted nothing to do with. Only the little girl lol. Go figure. Silly boy. Some pictures...


  1. I'm sorry you feel lonely. I speak some german, but only because my ex-husband did.

    Those are REALLY cute pictures!!! :-)

  2. Those are adorable pictures! I haven't ventured to the German playground down the road yet, but I worried about that happening to me. I'm putting my dd in the German Kindergarten and working on learning German myself. So, I am hoping that will help me a little!