Rice in hand...

Ha ha. I have my bowl of rice in front of me and I'm ready to blog. This might be a long one but I'll try and keep it short. My Janome is kinda, sorta, a little big co-operating with me today. Exciting news..I can finish that baby quilt. I'm also working on finishing two more kids quilts before Christmas. Go me! So as promised a million years ago my living redo...

This is the peeling of the paint lol. Yes I peeled this whole wall. Because the next wall I just painted over the red and it took me 5 coats. So instead I just decided to peel/scrape the paint off and save me a few coats. It peeled of pretty easily.

This wall was also red, I just painted over the top. These were the only red walls thank god I didn't paint all of them. What a pain!

So these are my now white walls. The light fixture in here is not my choice. I'm limited to my option for things because we rent. Let me tell you when my German landlords seen those red walls I think they had a heart attack. My TV wall isn't finished. I'm doing a frame wall there with all empty white frames. I might paint a blue box around the TV area. We'll see...
My influence for this room came out of no where. I just had a vision one day and here it is. I have more accessories going in here they just havent arrived yet.

Its a little messy due to my son so ignore that lol. Over all I love the blue and white. Our couch and chair was my husbands pick..obviously and I couldn't replace that so I just redid the pillows added some new curtains and accessories. Its really more beautiful than these pictures show :) I now have a sticker on the back wall and I'll have another on the TV wall. Instant update...add wall decals. They are awesome and there is such a wide variety. Target is one place you can find them. Also many etsy sellers have them. I wish I could pain my coffee table white but I don't think my hubby would let me :( Oh well. It is what it is. Its not dark anymore that's for sure. It really opened up this room to have it white.

I should have some quilts up soon! And my finished room in a few weeks I hope. I also re-did my sons room. Vintage airplanes.

Wooden letters that were in his baby room redone with airplane paper. Super easy just trace the letter on printed paper and glue to the front.

His curtains made by mommy which don't fit the window but we wont always live here with these weird german windows. Anyway that's his window. We also added a new rug and bed cover. I want to switch him to a twin size bed but we'll see how that goes. Maybe not just yet.

So my son says 'come play' even though I need to clean! He just doesn't understand this. Lol. Have a wonderful Sunday and rest of the week. One more week till Daddy comes home! He's been gone 4 weeks now. So we're suffering :(


  1. LOVE the new look!! I wish I could redo our house, but I just never seem to have the time :o(